Do you need fulltime for a successful startup?

Of course it helps to work fulltime on your startup, but it is not mandatory. There are many successful artists, entrepreneurs and self-made men, who build up their business alongside their work.

I often here the sentence “If you don’t do your business fulltime, it will never be successful.”. This sentence is a complete discouragement – and it is not true. Of course there will be a point in your startup business, where you have to decide if you want to keep your old job or if you want to be a fulltime CEO of your company. But until you get to this point, you can do your startup and your regular job at the same time. And when you are on this point you could be quite sure, if your startup will have the power to finance your life or not.

There many examples in the history of people how created something great and meaningful alongside to their job. For example Franz Kafka wrote some of his books in his spare time. and the great Henry Ford did his experiments on the gasoline engine while he still had a job.

So there is no reason quit your job for your startup right from the beginning. Take your time to find out if your business could or will work. Then there is still enough time to quit your job.

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