Choose your products wisely to test your business model

Why did Amazon started their business by selling books? Because it is an easy product to handle. If Amazon would have failed with books, they would have failed with any other product, because other products are much more complex to manage.

When you are testing your business model, you often have to choose a product to start with. Amazon chose books and Zappos chose shoes. They choose these product for a reason: They are easy to manage and they are easy to understand. Why is that important?

It is important to have easy to manage products, because on these product you can start to build robust processes. And it is important to have easy to understand products so the customer is not distracted from the value you deliver to them by the business model. If Zappos sold airplanes, it would be much harder for them to convince their customers of their great service, because the product is to complex and therefore takes too much attention.

So, take your time to thing about the first product you want to sell through your business model.

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