7 tips to define your UVP (Unique Value Proposition)

When you define your business model you will definitely come to the question: What is my UVP (or USP)? This is probably one of the hardest questions you will come across in the whole process of defining your business.

A lot of people I know struggle with this question, therefore I collected some helpful tips for you to define your UVP.

Tip 1: Don’t give up

Your UVP has to be really, really unique and awesome. It is the core of your business. It is the one sentence you have to say to your customer or your investor, so they will understand your business and the value you deliver to them. Therefore you should take your time to work on your UVP. Don’t give up to early and don’t settle for a mediocre UVP. Work really hard on this point.

Tip 2: Define your customer

Before you start to think about your UVP you have to be really sure what kind of customer you want to have. Think deeply about your different customer segments and define them on an empathy map. It is really important to have a clear picture of your customer in your mind before starting to define your UVP.

Tip 3: Know the problems of your customers

When you identified your customers you have to search for their problems, you want to solve. The problem you want to solve is the foundation of your UVP. By adopting the ideas of Clayton Christensen you could say that the problem of the customer is “the job to be done”, to which you will adress in your UVP.

Tip 4: Write down your UVP and start with “We are the best…”

It makes things easier, especially when you discuss the UVP with a bigger group, to write down the UVP. Just start with a first draft and than change it as long as necesarry. A good way to find the right sentence is to start with “We are the best in/at…”. This will help you to stay focused. It is important, that you describe your UVP within one sentence.

Tip 5: Build analogies

Another good way to find your UVP is, to build analogies with exisiting companies. For example you could say “We are the Amazon of ice cream” or “We are like FedEx, but online”. There is a great artikel about this topic right here.

Tip 6: Test your UVP with customers

When you found your UVP, then test it! Most entrepreneurs are afraid to test things, but it is the essence of your business. Take your UVP and discuss it with potential customers. Find out if they understand the message and if they need that kind of value.

Tip 7: Be flexibel

You can change a UVP everytime. Don’t forget this. A UVP is as flexible as your skills or your customers. When you think a UVP does not represent your business anymore, then don’t change your business, change your UVP.

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